Sunday, 10 January 2016

My goals/thoughts/plans for 2016

2016 EdBlogNZ Challenge - It has begun!

Where to begin?

Pretty much a #oneword2016, really... PBL

I'm investing in Project Based Learning in a big way.
Student-driven-authentic-audience-real-world-solution-silo-burning PBL.

I'm also looking forward to the challenge of my new Year 9 option class, which I was given a free pass with - I can design a course entirely from my own passions. I thought about a Medieval History course (I used to do a lot of re-enactment - early C15 English longbow - but not so much now. I still have all the gear and can fletch my own arrows etc). But then I thought about how to connect students with their communities more closely. With some great advice from a colleague (thanks, Juanita!) I have designed a course I've titled Community Leadership.

A project-based, student-led, community-focussed course that I hope will inspire and equip our young leaders with real-world application and tangible outcomes.

I've had a meeting with the local settlers museum and hope to speak to local iwi soon. There are some awesome opportunities for the students to get involved and to see the fruits of their labours, now and in the future. They'll be able to build a legacy they can take enormous pride in for years to come. VERY excited!! :D

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