Sunday, 27 September 2015

Connected Educators #EdBlogNZ Challenge - Week 1

I'm up for anything, so here goes:

Casual blogger

  1. Think about your teaching practice. How has it evolved over time? What are you currently working on developing in your practice? What tools have you used during this inquiry time?
  2. Who are some legendary bloggers, educators, inspiring leaders that help you to dream bigger?
  3. Encourage a colleague/friend to begin blogging and help them to set up their own blog.

1. My teaching practice: This is Year 7 and my practice has changed/adapted/grown over the years from "Newbie wondering what the hell I'm doing" to "Less of a Newbie, still wondering what the hell I'm doing but with slightly more of a clue than I had before." I have become less concerned with following the prescribed list of topics and more interested in going off-reservation in terms of topic choice. I want to help the students I have in front of me become more connected, more engaged, more excited about their journey than they were coming in. I am on fire for priority learners, particularly Maori students, and desperately want them to (re)connect with their identity, as individuals and as part of a community, with their turangawaewae, with their whakapapa.
Know thyself. Be strong in your sense of self and belonging and you can navigate any water, just as your tupuna did.
Whatever topics and methods I can explore, test and evaluate, I am becoming more ready to do. A bit less timid in trying new things in my learning space. The tools? I am using GAFE in as many ways as possible (and trying to learn more). That's it for now. More to follow later, perhaps.

2. Ken Robinson. Mark Osborne. Tony Cairns.
3. I'm working on it... :)

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