Friday, 2 October 2015

My first TeachMeet

Well, another day, another first. #ConnectedLife

I experienced my first TeachMeet via an event linking educators in TeachMeetNZ and TMSydney.

The educators were a mix of experienced and less-experienced practitioners, and I was impressed by how much they all brought to the event. There were a number of topics covered which spanned almost the whole sector (tertiary wasn't explicitly addressed, though many of the ideas could translate, I'm sure). I enjoyed the event and live-tweeted as we went - another first for me. Copying the hashtag set so it was already on my clipboard and just pasting into and editing each tweet as needed saved me a lot of time and I was better able to keep up with the presentations. Note to self: have a notepad window open with key hashtag sets available if there are a number of tags to copy into tweets on the fly. Or look for a plugin/app that will help with that.

Some minor technical issues cropped up, but didn't stop the process cold. The format was disciplined and driven forward and kept on point by excellent facilitators.

Disclaimer: This post is simply to reflect on my experience of the event, not the content and how I might use/adapt it in my own practice.

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