Thursday, 8 October 2015

Reflections on Day Two of ULearn15

1- the what?
2- so what?
3- now what?

1. The What?
Keynote 2: Teachers who lead are inquirers into their own practice; community is critical; culture is critical to leadership; go public/share
Breakout 1 & 2: The breakouts today weren't about content (I was pretty covered on both areas - Minecraft & Google), but about connections for me, and there were connections aplenty! Awesome to meet or hear face-to-face some of the great educators from Aotearoa who are helping others along their journey in these areas. I came away with some new directions (collaborative Minecraft server, and exploring the GEGNZ further) and feeling more connected.

2. So What?
Connectedness is and will remain critical for my development as I move forward. Feelings of isolation will creep back in once I'm away from the buzz of ULearn15.

3. Now What?
Embed the connections. Order and organise the large number of contacts into clear groups of focus and schedule time to maintain and enhance these connections.

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