Friday, 16 October 2015

Swimming out of my depth?

I've been thinking. A lot. No, I mean, a whole lot. 
Take a big pile of thinking and multiply it to the power of thought itself, then double it. Now add a pinch of sleep. 
Result? Mind = blown!

I've been reading a bit (which started this whole 'thinking' lark):

Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching: A New Zealand perspective, Bolstad & Gilbert, with McDowall, Bull, Boyd & Hipkins, NZCER, 2012.

Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools, Bull & Gilbert, NZCER, 2012.

My inquiry questions (thus far, and the list just keeps growing!):

  • Is there a 'unified field theory of education'? What might it look like?
  • Should we stop talking about "21st century learning/education" & simply talk about *future-focussed learning*? The 21st century isn't going to last forever.
  • Does educational achievement (assessment results/more degrees etc) equate to societal progress/success? Does this help us tackle "wicked problems," or create more 'highly-educated fools'?
  • If "people do not learn well as 'spectators'", then why do we continue to teach teachers this way? Death by powerpoint, anyone?
  • What is 'achievement' in a truly diverse and inclusive education system? Who decides what 'success' is, or what the measures are for that success?
  • If a student 'only' achieves L1 NCEA, are they failures? Why label them so? Perhaps that student goes on to get multiple University/tertiary qualifications. Perhaps they don't. Yet our curriculum lays out a somewhat different vision (link opens new window). So are we not interpreting/executing the vision properly in our classrooms?

I'm tweeting them out but, apart from a few retweets/faves, I'm not getting much feedback. I may need professional help. Anyone know the number of a good psychiatrist? 

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