Saturday, 3 October 2015

The pace slows - "Discipline your body, that your mind may find a greater power."

The maxim from Master Po of the programme Kung Fu, which I watched so diligently as a child, reflects something that I need to hold to. I have terrible short-term memory and find it difficult to stick to most routines or form good habits. I lack the self-discipline to maintain these habits and then berate myself when time has passed with no progress due entirely to my slackness. 

"So must we seek a discipline of mind and body within ourselves." Kwai Chang Caine, Kung Fu

To paraphrase the Psalmist, if my work is ever before me, I cannot help but attend to it. So when I shut down my computer at night now the same tabs are open in Chrome: Blogger, Core, Tweetdeck, Bundlr, TeachMeet and Google Drive. When I start up in the morning, there they are to greet me and command my attention. During Connected Educator Month 2015, I hope to develop some good habits and maintain my connections. #CENZ15 #edblogNZ

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